May 7th: Ralph White returns to Willimantic Records along with Joe Russo and Izikhotane

Joe Russo (from Spectral Fangs):

Ralph White:

Music starts at 3pm on Sunday, May 7, 2017

A free show open to people of all ages.

Donations to the musicians are encouraged.

One of our foremost instrumentalists and a true hidden American treasure,... his intimate, nuanced musical language has slowly revealed itself, along a path that meanders from the apple orchards of British Columbia to the villages of Zimbabwe and Namibia, from the lonesome moors of Ireland to Australia, Brittany, Peru, Louisiana and beyond. There is also the influence of White's hometown of Austin, Texas, a rich musical crossroads in and of itself.

Along with Danny Barnes and Mark Rubin, White completed the original and definitive lineup of country/bluegrass mavericks (and recent Texas Music Hall of Fame inductees) The Bad Livers. He now performs his singular blend of ancient rural folk music and original songwriting as a soloist. -


Thanks to Stefan for the flyer and putting this entire thing together. 


Music starts at 2pm

A free show with donations to the musicians very much encouraged.

Sunday, April 23, 2017 at Willimantic Records

April 22nd: Lil Sluggers, RUUNE, Marvelous Liars, Jacket Thor, Spectral Fangs, Dr. Martino, Cerise Montclair

12pm       LIL SLUGGERS
1pm         RUUNE
2pm         JACKET THOR
3pm         FATAL FILM
3pm         SPECTRAL FANGS
4pm         DR. MARTINO

Thanks to Jim Szarkowicz for the painting and flyer.

Fatal Film have been forced to cancel. They will, hopefully, play here later in the year.

SNCKPCK & Dawn Cook at Willimantic Records during town wide opening reception for The Windham Project 2017

The Windham Project Opening Reception takes places throughout downtown Willimantic on Thursday, April 20th. For information on the on the many art installations and performances pieces planned, check out The Windham Project FB page and/or

SNCKPCK: "i'm daniel alexander and create art under the name SNCKPCK. i've been creating videos and music for fun since 2006. i just love creating things that people can enjoy! my videos have been shown at contemporary art venues including VIDEO Like ART hosted in Bordeaux, France. my music has been played on LASR, KZUU, stange wavess, and other college radio stations across america. listen to it on spotify and collect/download the albums for free on bandcamp. i have talked to a digital new media class at NYU as well as multiple high schools about positive thinking and motivation. dogs are like mythical creatures to me. i dont have a dog but when i see one i cherish the moment. lets be friends.
i like to write. in late 2012 i wrote a book entitled raddddd. it was reviewed by beach sloth. march 2013 i wrote and freely released slime dog you are my friend online. august 2013 i released my first children's book a swim through space. september 2013 i released my motivational pocket book stayin' positive." -

DAWN COOK: "I believe that art can and should be used as a tool for social and political justice. Some of my work deals with a variety of social and political issues, from poverty and homelessness to the battleground for women's reproductive rights.
"I am largely a self-taught artist, though have taken a few classes over the years. My first art show was at the Populous Pudding, an underground artist collective in Willimantic in mid 80s. Over the years I've gone on to participate in numerous exhibitions, from W.A.G (Worcester Artists Group), Gallery on Main - Empty Spaces Project in Putnam, Willimantic Records, Art Attack and Chaos and Joy (Vulturetown Arts - Willimantic) among others, and most recently with The Committee at Artspace in Hartford. I've also had several drawings published in zines and contributed artwork to charity events.
"I am also a musician and have been performing for many years: from classical to punk rock. For more information on musical endeavors, please check out this link":

6pm Wednesday, March 29th: Eric Arn, Landing, and Stefan Christensen

Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind, Crystalized Movements)

Stefan Christensen (Estrogen Highs, Stefan Christensen and Friends)

Landing (Connecticut Pedal Based Music)

Willimantic Records
Wednesday, March 29th
Donations for touring band, please :)

March 18th at 3pm: Jack Wright solo followed by Jack Wright/Paul Flaherty/Randall Colbourne/Mike Yarrish quartet

3pm Saturday, March 18th at Willimantic Records

Jack Wright (solo saxophone)

followed by a quartet performance

Jack Wright (sax)
Paul Flaherty (sax)
Randall Colbourne (drums)
Mike Yarrish (bass)

In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation, saxophonist Jack Wright is king. - Jeff Bagato Washington Post

A free show with donations to the musicians appreciated and encouraged.

Jack Wright’s new book “The Free Musics” is 
receiving rave reviews. 
Copies will be available for sale from the author.

The free musics are free jazz and free improvisation, genres rooted in the sixties that continue today under different circumstances. Their approach was originally exploratory free playing, which encouraged the maximum range of sound and feeling. In Europe they were and still are accepted genres for career professionals. In North America this is only true for free jazz, a style that continues basically unchanged since its origins. Free improvisation that does not communicate a jazz or free jazz identity and feeling is outside the range of media attention, art music audiences, and credentialing institutions. 

Jack Wright is a saxophonist who turned to playing free music in 1979, and has toured widely in North America and Europe ever since. He is open to playing with others, whether experienced or not, and approaches his own playing with a questioning spirit. He has been variously called "the Johnny Appleseed of free improvisation,” “an undergrounder by design,” and "the king of experimental free improvisation." 

From Ben Watson, the author of Derek Bailey and the Story of Free 
Improvisation: "The Free Musics will probably be considered the most important book on free playing since Derek Bailey's Improvisation. He's actually doing what Derek said musicians never do, talking about what it's like to improvisale, and with a really nuanced understanding of Free Jazz and the 60s revolution, Free Improvisation, the Free Jazz Revival. "

Willimantic Records
744 Main Street 
Willimantic, CT 06226
(entrance & parking around back on Riverside)

Saturday, March 4th: La Neve, Lady Bizness, The Lonesome While, and Spit-Take at Willimantic Records

Spit-take - Joe, Maggie, and Dan. "Three piece diy punk band outta new haven, ct".

The Lonesome While - Band Interests: "Puppies and kittens... and smashing the state."

La Neve - Joey from Downtown Boys solo project. "Some songs are club-ready, some campy, some dreamy, and all aimed at destroying the right wing power structure that has always run the USA." 

Lady Bizness - "Feminist mermaid mafia. Underwater thrash-punk-surf-core madness dredged from the muddy shores of the East River." 

Music starts at 2pm on Saturday, March 4th.