Brute Force at Willimantic Records Sunday, August 28th with Daughter of Force and Bill Dougal

At 2pm on Sunday, local songwriter & caricaturist Bill Dougal will play songs from his days leading pun-rockers Billy & the Buttons along with a few of his newer tunes. Bill will also screen a preview of the upcoming Billy & the Buttons documentary.

Brute Force, accompanied by Daughter of Force, will follow with a career spanning set of Brute Force  compositions. Best known for his controversial "The King of Fuh" single on The Beatles' Apple Records label, Brute Force (a.k.a. comedian Stephen Friedland) has written thousands of songs, many of which were recorded by The Chiffons, Del Shannon,  The Cyrkle, The Tokens, Bernadette Peters, Little Peggy March, Chubby Checker, Tammy St. John, and dozens of other artists in the 1960s. Brute's two solo LPs, Confections of Love (1967) and Extemporaneous (1971), are both highly sought after by diehard collectors of psychedelic pop novelty vinyl artifacts. 

Below is a bit more about "The King of Fuh" as well as a few youtube links. There will be no admission charge for the Willimantic Records show, but donations to the musicians will be welcomed and encouraged.


Here's the story: 41 years ago in New York City, George Harrison fell in love with an unreleased song called "The King of Fuh" by Brute Force, and decided to turn it into a hit record. So he went home to England, added strings from the London Philharmonic, and pressed it on The Beatles' own label Apple Records--only to discover that there were some things even a Beatle couldn't do. After Capitol/EMI refused to release or distribute the droll ballad with its controversial chorus ("I said the Fuh King -- he went to wherever he wanted to go / Mighty, mighty Fuh King / All hail the Fuh King"), The Beatles privately pressed 2000 copies for their friends, which made "King of Fuh" the rarest Apple record of them all. -

"The King of Fuh" by Brute Force

The Chiffons - "Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)" written by Brute Force

Brute Force on Zacherle's "Disc-O-Teen" show (1967) 

NOVEMBER PARTY, alexander, MONSSOONNSS, electric dawn - August 25th at Willimantic Records

alexander - C/Site recording artist David Alexander Shapiro from Lituya Bay, Nagual, and Headroom. 

ELECTRIC DAWN - Dawn Cook from The Shrinnirs/Bimbo Shrineheads. 

MONSSOONNS - the guys from PREACHER are now sound sorta like FLIPPER and are known as Monssoonns.

NOVEMBER PARTY - New England goth veterans Dorian James, Mike Rebeiro, and Peter N. 

Music starts at 7pm.

Allysen Calley, Paul Flaherty, and Tarp - Sunday, August 14th

Allysen Callery -

Flyer by Joshua Burkett

2pm Sunday, August 14th at Willimantic Records.

July 21st: Patrick Yeo, Perennial, Zanders, The New & Very Welcome, Who Loves You

Flyer by Ethan Grenier.
Thanks to Jessica for putting this show together and doing it here at Willimantic Records.






No admission charge but donations to the bands are welcomed and encouraged. This show happens to coincide with Willimantic's 3rd Thursday Street Fest, which means tons of food and entertainent to check out between bands up on Main Street.

Meteorological Society, Gun Shy, Parlay Droner, Spit-Take, Forget The Times - July 13th at Willimantic Records

FORGET THE TIMES (Kalamazoo, MI): "Forget The Times started in 2010 as a free improv collective from led by Sean Hartman. The band combines elements of psych, drone, noise rock, avant garde, post rock and free jazz. The band has since solidified around a core group of members and performs regularly in the Kalamazoo area. In addition they have been performing live scores to silent films in partnership with the Alamo Drafthouse." -

SPIT-TAKE (New Haven, CT) - "Although Superchunk hasn’t abdicated its throne as the gold standard for punk-spirited indie-rock, Connecticut’s Spit-Take would make a worthy successor. The New Haven trio has sharpened its focus over the years, and on its second record the band is dealing in a genre of its very own, jokingly dubbed Frog Rock. The A.V. Club is streaming all of the album, which is available now through Ice Age Records, below. Frog Rock sees the band at the peak of its powers as Spit-Take mines moody melodies to great effect, twisting them into the kind of agitated-yet-thoughtful rockers that would make Mac McCaughan proud. " -

PARLAY DRONER: "ghost dreams; ink flecked hands and labored hearing. Who I am is not where I get my thumb scanned, though I identify as caretaker of broken children. Unanimously ominous anonymity, undermined by insomnia and the past; a vessel vested sans sails and maps, unmanned with defective mast." -

GUN SHY (New Haven, CT) - Andrea from PROCEDURE CLUB & Wes from ESTROGEN HIGHS have a new band called GUN SHY. Don't miss their Willimantic Records debut!

METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY: "The advancement of science depends on investigators having the freedom to carry out research objectively and without the fear of threats or intimidation whether or not their results are expedient or popular."

Music starts at 6pm.

John Bent art exhibit closing get together with music provided by CERISE MONTCLAIR & DR. MARTINO

Dr. Martino and Cerise Montclair at Willimantic records! Come by and get a copy of the recently released Calligrams (featuring Dr. Martino). John Bent's artwork comes down off the walls afterward, don't miss this chance to view his fantastic paintings.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Music starts at 7pm.