The Rude Mechanicals and Kitty Kat Nail Salon

Our next instore will be at 3PM on Sunday, March 4th. Please join us for an afternoon of acoustic music performed by Kitty Kat Nail Salon and the Rude Mechanicals.

Bill, from the Rude Mechanicals, has been a generous friend in helping to stock the shop with carloads of records. We look forward to hosting his band on Sunday. Not quite sure what to expect, which makes it all the more intriguing. Based on a couple of Bill's past ensembles, The Rhythm Assassins and But I'm Not Bitter, it is sure to be a well-crafted and enjoyable set of songs (from some genre or maybe from some other genre). He did mention being strong on "Irish stuff". I'm not sure if that means Finbar Furey or Bono Vox or covers of Gaelic Doom bands like Mael M├│rdha. You never know with Bill. It is often a surprise, and always very good.

Tracy Weiss is Kitty Kat Nail Salon. Pretty much all we know about Tracy is that when she is bored she sings to her computer. We are looking forward to hearing her sing here in person, cozily surrounded by 99 cent records and back issues of the Journal for the Study of Ethnomusicology. Below is a sweet Big Star cover, performed in Tracy's bedroom, captured by our favorite wildlife videographer, astrobunny3000, on his Flip camera.