The Work of Joshua Burkett: March 18 - April 29, 2012

Willimantic Records will be exhibiting Joshua Burkett's artwork from March 18 to April 29. On Sunday, March 18th, the exhibit will open at 4PM with live music performed by Joshua Burkett, Foole's Pewtr and Baseball Camp Nurse.

Josh Burkett - May be playing solo, may also be playing with Conrad Capistran as Tarp or as a member of Frozen Corn.

Foole's Pewtr are Ron Schneiderman and Dredd Foole. (I first tried booking Dredd Foole in Willimantic back in 1985)

The Baseball Camp Nurse is the Baseball Camp Nurse.

Admission will be free with donations to the musicians encouraged.

I can't wait. Feeling very fortunate to have the chance to host & share Josh's artwork. Please come by if you can.