Dinosaur Records By Annie Morris

In no way do these photos do justice to the very cool vinyl dinosaurs Annie Morris just surprised me with. Since the camera doesn't do a very good job of capturing the details amid all the black vinyl, they really need to be seen in person. The Anchiceratops and Stegosaurus are now for sale along with more vinyl roses down here at Willimantic Records.

Annie also dropped off more of the roses  she crafts out of old vinyl records with leaves made out of LP covers. The triangular business cards are also made from record covers.

June 3rd - Zen Lunacy and The Crustaceans

Stop by Sunday for surf rock played by The Crustaceans and the "serious delirium" of Zen Lunacy.

Paul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne, and Mike Roberson - May 27, 2012 at Willimantic Records

Estrogen Highs Video

Estrogen Highs have a new blog, and they are playing in Chicago today with Roky Erickson.  ROKY ERICKSON!

Here is video of their entire set last week at Willimantic Records:

Part One

Part Two

Night of the Rabbit, Paul Caporino (from M.O.T.O.), Dryshave, Preacher

Thanks to Nick for the previous flyer with the "TBA" listing. Now that the bands have been finalized, here is the latest:
6PM - Night of the Rabbit
5PM - Paul Caporino from M.O.T.O.
4PM - Dryshave (Josh & Ben)
3PM - Preacher

Paul Caporino is on tour from New Orleans. He had an open date on 5/20, so we're having him back for all the folks who missed the opportunity to see him on Mother's Day.

This will also be your chance to paint Chad's car or watch Ben, from Dryshave, paint Chad's car. Photos to be posted next week.

"Willimantic, U.S.A."

IMDB Biography for Jesse Greer: Songwriter, composer and pianist, educated in the High School of Commerce. He began his career as a relief pianist in a film theatre, then served in World War I. Thereafter he was a pianist for music publishers, and joined ASCAP in 1923. His musical collaborators included Walter Hirsch, George Jessel, Raymond Clages, Harry Rose, Stanley Adams, Harold Adamson and Bert Mann, and his popular-song compositions include “Kitty from Kansas City”, “Baby Blue Eyes”, “Climbing Up the Ladder of Love”, “Sleepy Head”, “Once in a Lifetime”, “Just You, Just Me”, “Spellbound”, “You Fit Into the Picture”, “Did You Mean It?”, “On the Beach With You”, “I Fell and Broke My Heart”, “Old Mill Wheel”, “Sittin’ in the Dark”, “Flapperette”, “Freshie”, “What Do I Care”, “The Hills of My Connecticut”, “You Can’t Tell a Lie to Your Heart”, “Two Broken Hearts”, “Wrong”, “Two Timer”, and “Extra! All About that Gal of Mine”.

 Jesse Greer was married to vaudeville singer Josephine Harmon, a native of Willimantic. The couple eventually moved out of NYC and settled down in Josephine’s hometown. In 1957 the local Chamber of Commerce hit up the former relief pianist for a theme song.

 Willimantic, U.S.A.
Take a look at the map of the United States and you’ll find Connecticut 
take a look at the map of Connecticut and you’ll see my place of birth 
its the grandest place on earth 
my hometown 
 there’s a good Main Street where the neighbors meet 
miles of smiles keep chasing you around 
you’ll be living life worth living 
once you’re here you’ll stay 
 we have everything to make a man a king 
in Willimantic U.S.A.

Thanks to Chad and Roxanne we now have "Willimantic, U.S.A." t-shirts with a silkscreened image of the original "Willimantic, U.S.A." record label (with the missing 'G' still missing from "Nutmegers"). These shirts are $10 each at Willimantic Records and come in a variety of colors.

Estrogen Highs and Paul Caporino from M.O.T.O. Playing at Willimantic Records on Sunday, May 13

It probably is not a good idea to play this MOTO video at work. Seriously, don't play this at work. "Masters of the Obvious (more commonly known as M.O.T.O. or MOTO), is a New Orleans-based garage punk band. Formed in 1981 by Paul Caporino, the lineup of the band has seen many changes over the years, with Caporino being the only consistent member."-wikipedia "It's actually somewhat remarkable that Estrogen Highs hail from New Haven, CT., because "I Wanna Be Tall" starts out sounding all Tall Dwarfs, but then ends up in serious Pink Flag territory... Theoretically, this song is what all my dreams are made of, and if the rest of their upcoming LP on Trouble in Mind sounds like this when it comes out in April, we may be talking Instant Classic status. (Also, can we go ahead and give one big big thumbs up to any person who wears a Blitz shirt in their band photo?)-Impose Magazine '

Open Art Show - Last Call To Everyone - Beautifully Wrecked Records Wanted

In addition to the I Need That Record! event, Sunday, May 6 will also be the first day of what is hoped to be a community art show. It is open to everyone, artists and non-artists, with serious work or silly creations. The common element is all of the pieces should incorporate vinyl records or compact discs or cylinders or 8-tracks or cassettes or wire recordings or reel-to-reel or whatever other music format one wishes to recycle in to a new visual piece of art. The deadline for submitting material is today or tomorrow or whenever you get around to it (the sooner the better, though). Found art is also quite welcome. Here are a two of the pieces that have been dropped off by customers for inclusion along with one found object that was dug out of the piles of junk in the back room.
Annie's flowers crafted out of vinyl records.
Bill's "Sly Guy"
Cat Stevens cover switched in to a Steppenwolf cover that was mixed in with a used record collection brought in for sale.