Estrogen Highs and Paul Caporino from M.O.T.O. Playing at Willimantic Records on Sunday, May 13

It probably is not a good idea to play this MOTO video at work. Seriously, don't play this at work. "Masters of the Obvious (more commonly known as M.O.T.O. or MOTO), is a New Orleans-based garage punk band. Formed in 1981 by Paul Caporino, the lineup of the band has seen many changes over the years, with Caporino being the only consistent member."-wikipedia "It's actually somewhat remarkable that Estrogen Highs hail from New Haven, CT., because "I Wanna Be Tall" starts out sounding all Tall Dwarfs, but then ends up in serious Pink Flag territory... Theoretically, this song is what all my dreams are made of, and if the rest of their upcoming LP on Trouble in Mind sounds like this when it comes out in April, we may be talking Instant Classic status. (Also, can we go ahead and give one big big thumbs up to any person who wears a Blitz shirt in their band photo?)-Impose Magazine '