Open Art Show - Last Call To Everyone - Beautifully Wrecked Records Wanted

In addition to the I Need That Record! event, Sunday, May 6 will also be the first day of what is hoped to be a community art show. It is open to everyone, artists and non-artists, with serious work or silly creations. The common element is all of the pieces should incorporate vinyl records or compact discs or cylinders or 8-tracks or cassettes or wire recordings or reel-to-reel or whatever other music format one wishes to recycle in to a new visual piece of art. The deadline for submitting material is today or tomorrow or whenever you get around to it (the sooner the better, though). Found art is also quite welcome. Here are a two of the pieces that have been dropped off by customers for inclusion along with one found object that was dug out of the piles of junk in the back room.
Annie's flowers crafted out of vinyl records.
Bill's "Sly Guy"
Cat Stevens cover switched in to a Steppenwolf cover that was mixed in with a used record collection brought in for sale.