"Willimantic, U.S.A."

IMDB Biography for Jesse Greer: Songwriter, composer and pianist, educated in the High School of Commerce. He began his career as a relief pianist in a film theatre, then served in World War I. Thereafter he was a pianist for music publishers, and joined ASCAP in 1923. His musical collaborators included Walter Hirsch, George Jessel, Raymond Clages, Harry Rose, Stanley Adams, Harold Adamson and Bert Mann, and his popular-song compositions include “Kitty from Kansas City”, “Baby Blue Eyes”, “Climbing Up the Ladder of Love”, “Sleepy Head”, “Once in a Lifetime”, “Just You, Just Me”, “Spellbound”, “You Fit Into the Picture”, “Did You Mean It?”, “On the Beach With You”, “I Fell and Broke My Heart”, “Old Mill Wheel”, “Sittin’ in the Dark”, “Flapperette”, “Freshie”, “What Do I Care”, “The Hills of My Connecticut”, “You Can’t Tell a Lie to Your Heart”, “Two Broken Hearts”, “Wrong”, “Two Timer”, and “Extra! All About that Gal of Mine”.

 Jesse Greer was married to vaudeville singer Josephine Harmon, a native of Willimantic. The couple eventually moved out of NYC and settled down in Josephine’s hometown. In 1957 the local Chamber of Commerce hit up the former relief pianist for a theme song.

 Willimantic, U.S.A.
Take a look at the map of the United States and you’ll find Connecticut 
take a look at the map of Connecticut and you’ll see my place of birth 
its the grandest place on earth 
my hometown 
 there’s a good Main Street where the neighbors meet 
miles of smiles keep chasing you around 
you’ll be living life worth living 
once you’re here you’ll stay 
 we have everything to make a man a king 
in Willimantic U.S.A.

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