Yup, The Can "Lost Tapes" Are Here. No Live Music This Weekend, But a Lot of Used & New Recent Arrivals.

The DUCK THAT! instore has been rescheduled from June 16 to August 25, so there will be no live music at the shop this weekend, but plenty of new and used recent arrivals to make a visit well worth your time. The Can Lost Tapes 3cd boxset, the Dabke compilation LP (which should interest Omar Souleyman fans), along with Codeine and Chubby Checker 180 gram vinyl reissues are among the more notable new releases.
Over the last few months several record collectors have asked if I plan to stock more used 7" singles. The still,  admittedly, small singles selection has more than doubled in size this week and will continue to be added to it over the weekend with recent used arrivals and other stuff which is being sorted through and dug out of the back room maze.
As always, more and more used LPs are hitting the bins everyday. Customers shopping upstairs at Rajeans Antiques may not have appreciated hearing the Jac Holzman morse code instructional record through the floorboards, but Mad Men viewers may appreciate the three dozen+ "Businessmen's Record Club" albums from the early to mid 1960s in the used recent arrivals section. (if you haven't yet, definitely visit Rajean's - they have all sorts of unique treasurers, including records)
Just yesterday, Annie Morris dropped off her latest vinyl creatures. This time a brontosaurus and a chorus of frogs.  
Why frogs? For those not familiar with local frog battle lore, here is why.
The magazine racks continue to slowly fill with cheap back issues of all kinds of interesting and/or cheesy stuff. Whether you want to read what John Fahey wrote in a 1970s issue of Guitar Player about listening to old records he had recorded while on drugs, or you are  drawn more to articles from early '60s teen rags like "How Do Teenage Stars Get Spanked" and photo specials like "How the Stars Make Love", it can be fun to time travel through the old periodicals and other ephemera. Still plenty of issues of Mojo, Uncut, Record Collector and Rolling Stone kicking around, too. 
And there are a few newly added pieces of used audio equipment out for sale, including this 1/2" reel-to-reel which runs great, and comes with the remote and a brand new reel of tape. (vinyl critter not included)

If you are from out of the area, Saturday would be a good day to visit Willimantic. Along with shopping at Willimantic Records for recycled vinyl dinosaur Father's Day presents, and dining in one of our fine local restaurants, you can also catch Joey Zone's lecture at the Mill Museum with sci fi author Paul Di Filippo on the Origins of Steampunk and the Willimantic Connection.  JZ knows this topic as thoroughly as anyone, having been there and collaborated with writers as a graphic artist back in the days of the wonderful Zeising Bros. Book Emporium