PREMIER ARTIST BIRCH CLUB KIT (update: sold - no longer available)

Hand built in England by master drumsmiths in the old Premier Leicester factory before they moved most production to Asia.

These drums are constructed from Finnish Birch wood. They sound amazing; open, warm and full with plenty of resonance and sustain. A surprisingly loud kit with plenty of low end boom from the compact bass drum.

Bass Drum - 20” x 8”
Tom Tom - 10” x 6”
Floor Tom - 13” x 10”
Snare Drum - 13” 5”


(sorry - this kit has left the building)

Show this Saturday just added:

("NH screamo")

("Boston shred emo pop wild")

("indie acoustic, new Willimantic resident, member of TWIABP")

3pm Free Show with donations to the bands encouraged.
Saturday, January 19, 2013
Willimantic Records, 744 Main St., Willimantic, CT 06226 

Entrance & parking are in back, near train tracks on Riverside Drive.


"Powerblessings is a punk rock band that features former members of 90s Connecticut punk groups Maude and Pageant, and Western Massachusetts post-punk and indie bands Classic Face and The Mitchells."

Birth of Flower are influenced by "Television, Fugazi, Earth, Wire, CAN, Mission of Burma, Neu!"

The Lost Riots are from New Haven. "Equal parts punk and garage with a very 1977 sound. One fan said they are a combination of The Replacements and Black Flag."

Teen Destroyer: "Back from the dead after nearly two decades, Teen Destroyer are together again to reek havoc across the Northeast and beyond. Originally formed in 1988, Hugh, Dave and John were part of first generation Eastern CT underground bands such as Nine Day Wonders (instrumental pop/punk), Bad Influence (sludge/stoner punk/metal), and Berets and Big Sweaters (noise, industrial, performance art troupe), As Loadstar they played across southern New England with the likes of All, Nice Strong Arm and local legends of that era. In early 2010 they got back together for a one-off afternoon, and quickly realized that they still destroyed in a manner rarely seen or heard in the current scene. Since then they've turned up the volume, created a load of new noise, and reinvented the dozens of originals they played in ancient times. Loud and fast and not clearly fitting into any particular punk or garage ghetto, they're back on the road preaching the gospel of girls, hot rods, and monsters. Destroy!"

Willimantic Records 
744 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226 USA
(entrance and parking are in the back of the building on Riverside Drive, near the railroad tracks)

All shows are free with donations to the musicians encouraged.