7pm Saturday, March 30: Priests, Downtown Boys, Road Worrier, Sunken Cheek

Free show with donations to the bands encouraged.

Priests - from Washington DC

Downtown Boys - from Providence, RI

Road Worrier - from Willimantic

Sunken Cheek - from Syracuse, NY

Don't miss this. Priests are fantastic live. Lucky to have them stopping in here for a show while they are on their way up to MA for a Boston Rape Crisis Center benefit. Downtown Boys blew folks away when they played Willi Records in February. Road Worrier have played here a lot and that's because I want a lot of people to hear their music. Sunken Cheek is passing thru on tour, just added to start the show off right.

This is a 7pm show and it should actually get going at 7pm. 

Priests (via tumbler)

Downtown Boys from previous Willimantic Records show
Road Worrier at Willimantic Records (via flickr)