Today Only: Free Baseball 7" Single

The first game of the big league baseball season is tonight. Not that I care. It is as good an excuse as any, though, to give away some Dizzy Dean/ Rico Petrocelli split 7” singles. Willimantic Records is open noon to 5pm today (Easter Sunday). Buy anything and receive a free Dizzy/Rico record. Limit one per customer.

One side features Dizzy Dean singing about how you don’t need to be a country bumpkin to appreciate both country and western music. The flipside has Boston’s Rico Petrocelli drumming along to “The Impossible Dream (from Man of La Mancha)” accompanied by the Red Sox organist. The Diz last played pro ball in 1947. His appearance on a record commemorating the 1967 Series makes about as much sense as his appearance on any record at all.

The cut and paste packaging of Diz & Rico’s split single is goofy through and through. The photocopied insert reprints excerpts from an old Rico Petrocelli comic book and a couple of Dizzy Dean’s cereal ads battling ‘Limey’ for Grape Nut pearls.