Some of what UPS delivered today.

Along with the double album from The National, several other new recordings and expansive reissues arrived this morning, including: Tombeaux by master musician Paul Metzgerthe latest collaboration between The Ex and Brass Unbound, the deluxe 20th anniversary edition of Come's 11:11 album, Time Lags' hand assembled version of the very rare Ellie Daniels Both Sides  LP, a new 12" by Om, the soundtrack to the new Father Yod documentary The Source, a repress of Los Saicos' ¡Demolición! anthology, Lee Perry at Wirl Records; a limited edition reissue of the Wipers' classic Youth of America, Anatolian rocker Baris Manco's Sakla Samani Gelir Zamani, Spider John by the great Spider John Koerner, a vinyl LP version of one of my favorite Sublime Frequencies releases - Brokenhearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia, and Kranky represses of Schöner Flußengel and Antithesis, both originally released in 2004 by the amazing Keith Fullerton Whitman. Stop by, there are more brand new records I didn't get to, as well as the never ending additions to the used LP stock.