THE MOUNTAIN MOVERS, RON SCHNEIDERMAN, THE ASPERSIONS - 7pm, Saturday, July 20th at Willimantic Records

Free show with donations to the musicians encouraged.

Ron Schneiderman - From Pewt'r and Sunburned Hand of the Man, 
curator of the Estey Field Organ Tone Archive, run's Spirit of Orr label, preparing for another tour of Denmark.

The Mountain Movers - Don't know if they will be playing the "Willimantic Record Store" song, but I do know "We're Transcendent", an unreleased outtake, is better than 99% of the singles actually released by other bands:

The Aspersions - Ian Schlein of Musical Chairs.
A couple of months back Jigsaw Records released the Musical Chairs "Retraced: 1992-1999" collection and the debut Aspersions LP, ten years in the making, is said to be just about completed. Come check out what Ian has been up to.