Willimantic Records celebrates two years two days early - Sunday, February 9th

Flyer by Dawn Cook

Greg Conte from Nerve Stew & Mi6

Tinniens - First live show for Daron's and Aaron's, from Landing, new "loop based drone beat" project.

Kath Bloom - Reducing audiences to tears with her beautifully heart-wrenching performances since the 1970s, you may know Kath from her records with Loren Mazzacane Connors in the 1980s, or the use of her music in the 1995 film Before Sunrise, or the 2009 tribute CD comprised of her songs covered by Bill Callahan, Mark Kozelek, Devendra Banhart, Mick Turner & Peggy Few, Scout Niblett, Josephine Foster, and others; or maybe you caught her show last year at Willimantic Records.

The Guy From Beastmaster - Dave, from Florida=Death, is The Guy From Beastmaster. His solo performance last November was one of my favorite sets in the two years the shop has been open.

Colorguard - Kryssi Battalene is a New Haven experimental angel who channels the sound of cosmic snowbirds through the physical friction of ferrous oxide tape against smoldering tapeheads. She also plays an astoundingly wicked guitar both traditionally and out of this world. We first saw her perform as a duo with Danny Moore in the amazing Heaven People, since disbanded, and she has been currently soloing every once in a while under the name Colorguard.  - Byron Coley & Thurston Moore

Malportado Kids - Victoria Ruiz and Joey L. DeFrancesco from Downtown Boys are Malportado Kids, a raucous multimedia electronic mix of cumbia & punk.

Olivia Neutron-John - "Aggressive bedroom pop," from Phoenix, AZ with a member of Neonates.

Dawn Cook - A solo set from the awesome flyer artist and  Shrinnirs singer/guitarist.

Malcolm Tent - Acoustic punk rock raconteur  from Ultrabunny and the much missed Trash American Style.

Spit-Take -  Excellent "indie pop-punk" trio from Willimantic.

One or two more bands still to be announced.

Music starts at noontime and runs until whenever (probably about 8pm).