March 20th at Willimantic Records: CRAPAPPLE, BRAVE HANDS, BABYSNAKES, JOE KATZ

A free show with donations to the bands encouraged. 

Music starts at 7pm.

("California indie pop with members of Sourpatch and Joyride")

("Boston pop-punk with members of Peeple Watchin'")

("CT grunge pop, full band!")

("solo stuff from spit-take front person")

Thanks to Dan Katz for putting this together.

Wednesday, March 19th at Willimantic Records: ABSOLUTELY, GREG GORLEN, LEAN, PAINTED FACES, COLORGUARD

A free 6pm show with donations to the musicians encouraged. 

Absolutely: post-midwest hardcore Milwaukee math rock

"Greg Gorlen is an experimental musician living in San Francisco. He produces music and noise using junk, found tapes, and home made cassette loops. Sounds emerge and fade in a constant state of flux and decay. Greg records and performs under a variety of group banners and aliases such as Black Thread, Vibrating Garbage, Von Himmel, Dark Spring, Esther Chlorine, and the Catabolic Junk Ensemble in addition to running the cassette label Turmeric Magnitudes and writing about music for demagnetization blog."

"Lean is the duo of Mickey O’Hara and Seamus Williams, described as ‘ultra hushed electro-acoustic sound collage’ and ‘Seamus is the surfer; Mickey is the wave,’ but I think we’ve gotten beyond that at this point. "

"Painted Faces is the NYC-based solo recording project of David Drucker, often joined live & on tour by a rotating assembly of outsiders and outcasts comprising the Painted Faces collective. Self-described psych/experimental/free rock/improv/performance art."

Colorguard - is the best.

March 16th at Willimantic Records: STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, DAN GREENE, and TIM ROWE

Stefan Christensen from Estrogen Highs.

Dan Greene from the Mountain Movers

Tim Rowe from Snotrocket

A free show with donations to the musicians encouraged.


1pm Sunday, March 9th at Willimantic Records, a free show with donations to the artists encouraged. 

Photo by Beth O'Brien

Craig Shepard writes music related to stillness. The experience of listening to his music has been compared to listening to the sound of falling snow. He writes mostly for acoustic instruments with rich tonal qualities.

His music is published by Edition Wandelweiser. It has been called "spare, elegant" (Steve Smith, Time Out New York) "touchingly beautiful" (Wolfgang Fuhrmann, Berliner Zeitung) and "truly invulnerable" (Martin Preisser, St-Galler Tagblatt). It has been featured at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Moments Musicaux Aarau, the Akademie der Künste Berlin, the Kunstraum Düsseldorf, Experimental Intermedia New York, The Stone NYC, Issue Project Room Brooklyn, Real Art Ways in Hartford, the Deep Listening Center in Kingston, New York, and throughout Europe and the United States.

Mr. Shepard has received commissions from the Musikpodium der Stadt Zürich, Quartour Bozzini, the Masanti/Parkinson Duo, the Kantorei der Stadtkirche Solothurn and the Gesellschaft für Literatur, Musik und Kunst Romanshorn.

As a trombonist, he has performed with Christian Wolff, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company,Jürg FreyCollegium Novum Zürich and many others. He has played on recordings with the Vokal Ensemble München and with Burkhard Schlothaur.

At the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Zurich University of the Arts), Mr. Shepard served as a lecturer and listening researcher. A paper detailing the results of his work has been published in the Schweizerische Musikzeitung.

From 2001 to 2005, he studied sacbut with Ulrich Eichenberger. In 1998, he graduated with a Bachelor of Music, magna cum laude, from Northwestern University, where he studied trombone with Frank Crisafulli and composition with Michael Pisaro, Amnon Wolman, and Alan Stout.

He lives in Brooklyn, New York. -    


Alto and tenor saxophonist Paul Flaherty is New England's purveyor of the ecstatic jazz pulse. Even before his 1978 debut Flaherty remained unshakable in the pursuit of soul healing and demon dashing through freedom music. That first record, In the Midst of Chaos was cut with his local clan, under the banner Orange. For the next 20 years Flaherty remained exclusively in the great North East and recording over a dozen blasting, freely improvised albums with drummer Randall Colbourne, and others, for Cadence and their own Zaabway imprint. Wet Paint is Flaherty's current imprint for the occasional self-release.
Since 2001 Flaherty's notoriety has risen in tandem with his hyper-acclaimed duo with drummer Chris Corsano and regular group work with Dream/Aktion Unit (with Jim O'Rourke and Thurston Moore), Cold Bleak Heat (with Greg Kelley and Matt Heyner), Spencer Yeh, Dredd Foole, Joe McPhee, Steve Baczkowski, Marc Edwards, and many others.

He's been at it since the '70s and has become an underground champion of chasing the Eternal Now. The subject of these sonic musings is freedom--freedom from the constraints of traditional harmonic, melodic, and compositional forms--freedom to go, baby, go wherever the Spirit takes him.
-- Farrell Lowe, All About Jazz

Often incredibly descriptive with myriad small details fleshing out the larger picture; other times he paints in bigger broader strokes. This is New England improvisational saxophonist Paul Flaherty's second solo album... He coaxes sounds out of his alto and soprano saxophones that I have never heard before, and besides his musical inventiveness, he's got more raw energy than three people.
-- George Parsons, Dream Magazine on Flaherty's 2006 solo album Whirl of Nothingness


Manic Productions  presents:

"Furnsss are a garage pop indie experimental quartet hailing from the backwoods of Burlington, CT. Furnsss have been actively gigging since 2009, but more recently have worked on improving their sound to a more comfortable taste. They released "The FAB EP" in the summer of 2013 on cassette."

Aye Nako
"Three weirdos trying to find their confidence/sexuality/harmony/pay day."

"Point Bonita is a rock band basing their sound on the heavy use of consistent leading basslines, interchangable lead and rhythmic guitar lines, Marcus on drums, and random obnoxious yelling in between."

"Spit-take is a three piece indie/punk band based out of Willimantic, CT. Though they formed less than a year ago, the band, which features ex-members of Book Slave, Osier Bed, and SOFX, has already released a demo, toured the east coast, and recorded a soon-to-be-released LP."

"Terrible Roars is a one-man turned 6-piece indie rock outfit from southeastern Connecticut. Check out the single from the upcoming EP "Wolf Suit" at"

Music starts at 7pm.  A free show with donations to the bands encouraged.

Thanks to Carmine at Manic Productions for setting this up.