Wednesday, March 19th at Willimantic Records: ABSOLUTELY, GREG GORLEN, LEAN, PAINTED FACES, COLORGUARD

A free 6pm show with donations to the musicians encouraged. 

Absolutely: post-midwest hardcore Milwaukee math rock

"Greg Gorlen is an experimental musician living in San Francisco. He produces music and noise using junk, found tapes, and home made cassette loops. Sounds emerge and fade in a constant state of flux and decay. Greg records and performs under a variety of group banners and aliases such as Black Thread, Vibrating Garbage, Von Himmel, Dark Spring, Esther Chlorine, and the Catabolic Junk Ensemble in addition to running the cassette label Turmeric Magnitudes and writing about music for demagnetization blog."

"Lean is the duo of Mickey O’Hara and Seamus Williams, described as ‘ultra hushed electro-acoustic sound collage’ and ‘Seamus is the surfer; Mickey is the wave,’ but I think we’ve gotten beyond that at this point. "

"Painted Faces is the NYC-based solo recording project of David Drucker, often joined live & on tour by a rotating assembly of outsiders and outcasts comprising the Painted Faces collective. Self-described psych/experimental/free rock/improv/performance art."

Colorguard - is the best.