"Every man for himself and God against them all."

Parte Records has released an LP of Bruno S recordings:

These exclusive recordings of Bruno S’ music were made in Berlin in 2009 shortly before his untimely death at the age of 78. They capture perfectly his distinctive voice, accompanied by accordion and glockenspiel, in the places where he performed for many years - the streets of Berlin, a local tavern, and his own apartment.
Bruno S was a street musician and painter who first came to public attention through the two films he starred in for director Werner Herzog, The Enigma Of Kasper Hauser (1974) and Stroszek (1977), a film that in some part was based on Bruno’s own life. He was born in 1932, likely in Berlin, to a prostitute who placed him in a mental hospital as a child, where he was subjected to Nazi experiments. Bruno would go on to spend twenty three years in institutions, including jails and homeless shelters. As an adult he began to perform on the street as well as working as a forklift driver, before ultimately catching Herzog’s eye. The common themes of Bruno’s street ballads, folk songs and operettas are crime, abandonment, passion, and, perhaps most significantly, the role of the mother. In dealing with his troubled life, Bruno pulled himself out of isolation through his art, at first through music, and later also through his paintings and drawings. Pressed on 180gram audiophile vinyl. Features a large format full-color booklet containing lyrics and reproductions of some of Bruno’s artwork. A strictly limited edition of 500 copies.  - Parte Records

Since Stroszek and The Enigma Of Kasper Hauser are two of my favorite Herzog films, the arrival of a Bruno S record is all the excuse I need to share them here in the shop.  The store will be open for shopping and there is no admission charge. It's all casual. Feel free to bring a snack or beverage if you want. Thanks to the Thread City Film Brigade for helping out with projecting equipment.

Thursday, April 3rd at 6:30pm: The Enigma Of Kasper Hauser

Friday, April 4th at 6:30pm: Stroszek