Jack Wright (sax) with Ilan Manouach (sax) & Ben Bennett (percussion) preceded by the Roberson/Colbourne Duo and Greg Conte - Saturday, September 27th at Willimantic Records

3:30pm - Greg Conte

4pm - The Roberson/Colbourne Duo
(Mike Roberson on guitar and Randall Colbourne on drums)

5pm - Wright/Manouach/Bennett Trio 
Jack Wright is a saxophonist. He is either a very serious musician or else, uninterested to carry that burden, he could hardly be considered serious at all. In the 80s he called himself "non-commercial, not interested in the marketplace," what today is known as DIY. He tours regularly throughout North America and Europe, meeting new players along the way and playing sessions with anyone who asks. His wide vocabulary comes from private practice and a conviction that improvised music means openness to new ideas. He seeks to experience his music as if for the first time, rather than demonstrating a pre-constructed and self-approved aesthetic--he's not always sure he likes his own playing. He is motivated to put his love of playing in front of people, as well as his enjoyment of his many partners. - http://www.springgardenmusic.com/jackbio.html

Jack Wright, saxophonist, Ben Bennett, percussionist, and Ilan Manouach, saxophonist will be on a 9-day tour in the northeast, starting in Easthampton MA and ending in a performance in Brooklyn. Jack and Ben can be heard on their recent CD TANGLE They each met and played with Ilan in Athens Greece at separate times, and now the three come together.

This show starts early so folks can still get to the Bruce John Benefit on time.


GEORGE HAKKILA - Pizza Records recording artist also known as Ham Steak. Influenced by Devo, Captain Beefheart, Minutemen, Volcano Suns, the Girls, Neil Young. Reliably great (and always very funny), you'll be happy you left the house.

AN HISTORIC - "is the songwriting alias of composer/accordionist/vocalist Adam Matlock, focusing on frenzied and narrative songs with elements of Balkan music, cabaret, many varieties of art-song and American soul and punk."

Guitarist & singer for the excellent POINT BONITA.  Don't miss his   Willimantic Records "bored, sad, and alone" debut.

Tuesday, September 16th: GOAT OF ARMS, STRAIGHT TO VHS, and SARALEE at Willimantic Records

SARALEE is Sara and Lee from Allston, Massachusetts (02134). 

"The silkscreened cover is not lying to you when it sends off those early K Records vibes... I am telling you now, don’t pass this one up only to realize too late that you need a copy." - Dave Martin (Matador Records)


GOAT OF ARMS records for the phenomenal 100% Breakfast label out of Cambridge, MA. 

"Effortlessly wonderful accordion & drum duo of ladies who play cumbia. Nell owns this ridiculous souped-up accordion that can play midi or spit out a bunch of casio noises. Ivanna can rock everything from electronically generated handclaps to tin cans... Buckets of good times." - Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records)


STRAIGHT TO VHS - Garage Rock from New London, CT

“It used to be that too few bands sounded like The Wipers—other than Hot Snakes and early Nirvana—but like Ready the Destroyer, StV has Greg Sage’s unrelenting riffage prowess in spades on this five-song debut EP produced by Fatal Film’s Matt Potter. Having also rocked Cosmodemonic’s double-CD Powers New London, CT sampler harder than any band this side of 30-year vets The Reducers, the trio bust a fuzzy, sweaty garage punk with nasty bass in an early punk-ish attack, with 70’s Detroit tough guy vocals. It’s only five songs in 11-and-a-half minutes, but its rough and ready, full of piss, vinegar, and vigor, ripping it up like an update on The MC5’s “American Ruse.” And like an MC5, Radio Birdman, early Damned, or Wipers record, when they chant “Hey” every few seconds, you chant with them, fist in the air.” - The Big Takeover 


A free show with donations to the bands encouraged and very much appreciated.

Normally only open Wednesday through Sunday, and closed on Monday & Tuesday, Willimantic Records will open at 5pm on Tuesday, September 16th.