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Thursday, Dec. 24th: 10am to 5pm
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Saturday, December 12th at Willimantic Records: PROCEDURE CLUB, MEDICATION, CERISE MONTCLAIR

Procedure Club (New Haven, CT) - "swiriling, fuzzy dream pop / noise from Adam, Andrea, Tim, Kristianne and Sam."

Medication (New Haven, CT) - "Lo-fi pop caterwauling with organ drones, shambolic drums and twangy guitars from Mikey Hyde."

Cerise Montclair (Willimantic) - "Duo consisting of Jason and John. Punchy noise rock."

Music starts at 7pm.


Haverhill folk dirt

curious alternative slumber

lead Shrinnir solo

cello loop pedal voice

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at Willimantic Records.

Music starts at 6pm.


FURNACE CREEK - New York indie folk

JACKET THOR - Ryan Kalentkowski returns to Willimantic Records.


PAINTED ZEROS - flowercore skull pop from NYC

SIGHT - Brooklyn garage pop fuzz

Sunday, November 1st at Willimantic Records. 

Music starts at 2pm. 

Photo of Ryan's painting from:

CARB ON CARB (from New Zealand), SPORTS. (from Boston), JNASTY (from Posture & the Grizzly) - 1pm Sunday, October 4th at Willimantic Records

Carb on Carb - "Carb on Carb are James and Nicole from Auckland, New Zealand. They have toured consistently since releasing their first EP in 2012, around their own country, as well as internationally (Australia, Singapore, China and Malaysia). In February 2015, Carb on Carb released a self-titled album, earning many thumbs up, plenty of high-fives and a bunch of new fans."

Sports. - "tags: pop punk punk rock & roll texas hip-hop dad emo gagnam style pop rock rock music sad clown twinkle twinkle daddies Boston"

Posture & the Grizzly or maybe Jordan solo -

Free show, but donations to the bands are very much encouraged.

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Music starts at 1pm.

Friday thru Sunday: 50% off all used vinyl records, all used CDs, and all used tapes at Willimantic Records

50% OFF  


Friday 12pm to 7pm
Saturday 11am to 6pm
Sunday 12pm to 5pm


Sale ends September 27, 2015 
(50% discount can not be combined with other discount offers)

Willimantic Records
744 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226 

Store entrance & parking located in back on Riverside Drive

ROUGH CHURCH from Los Angeles, California - Saturday, September 19th at Willimantic Record

"ROUGH CHURCH is a 3-car garage band. Wide and spacious. Full of lots of different kinds of interesting stuff. Comfy and grungy all at the same time." They are into “Minutemen, Gang of Four, Wire, Pere Ubu, Sparks, , XTC, and B.O.C..”

 Music starts at 2pm.

Final Third Thursday Street Festival of 2015

Don't miss the final Third Thursday Street Festival of 2015. Vulturetown Arts will have an art market right next door to Willimantic Records with live music by Cerise Montclair.

Don't forget to save your receipt.

Save 10% at Willimantic Records with a Not Only Juice receipt from a purchase of $15 or more. 

Save 10% at Not Only Juice with a Willimantic Records receipt from a purchase of $15 or more.

Offer expires September 30, 2015.

7pm Friday, August 21st at Willimantic Records: URSULA (Canada), CHEAP WIG (Canada), CERISE MONTCLAIR (Willimantic)

Montreal based URSULA and CHEAP WIG visit Willimantic Friday night. Does anyone have a bass amp they wouldn't mind lending for the show?

Locals CERISE MONTCLAIR are loaning guitar amps & drums, but they don’t have a bass amp or bass player.

Ursula:  "post-dontlookatme post-punk what ever" from Montreal

Cheap Wig: “hyperreal, feminist postbrowave, post spunk, postpost, queerglam, vomatrocious” from Montreal

Cerise Montclair: Jason Borga’s new project

Two Shows Sunday, August 30th at Willimantic Records

Sunday, August 30th at Willimantic Records



The Mountain Movers will play a Sunday afternoon set at Willimantic Records as part of an ongoing series of record release gigs. Stop in and pick up a copy of their outstanding new "Death Magic" LP on Safety Meeting Records. George Hakkila (a.k.a. Ham Steak) will open the show. Music starts at 2pm.


Rats Mouth, from Boca Raton, Florida; visit Willimantic for a show with their old friends Dr. Martino, and Connor Dotay's So Sorry. Music starts at 7pm.

The meaning of the name Boca Raton has always aroused curiosity. Many people wrongly assume the name is simply Rat's Mouth. The Spanish word boca, or mouth, often describes an inlet, while raton means literally, mouse. The term Boca de Ratones or Boca Ratones, was a navigational referring to a rocky or jagged inlet, but the original location of Boca de Ratones was Biscayne Bay near present day Miami Beach, according to eighteenth century maps. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the term was mistakenly applied to the current Lake Boca Raton, whose inlet was closed throughout most of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The "s" and later the "e" were dropped from this title by the 1920s, yet the correct pronunciation remains Rah-tone.  -

Final PATCH KIT show - Friday, July 17th at Willimantic Records

PATCH KIT play their final show this Friday, July 17th. It's happening right here at Willimantic Records. This will also be the debut of DEFT HAND ("patch kit sans jess with jim at the head of songwriting"). One or two more bands to be announced as soon as confirmed. 
Music will start at 7pm. Don't miss it.

I've been fortunate to host many PATCH KIT shows, including their first in July of 2013, and am grateful they've chosen Willimantic Records for their last hurrah.

Deft Hand​ - "Neighborhood rock from CT"


ADULT MOM: Don't Miss them. Receiving rave reviews by folks folks at Rolling Stone, NPR, Pitchfork, Stereogum;...


SPIT-TAKE: Joe, Maggie & Dan - great people and a great band

Music starts at 7pm.

Wednesday, June 24th at 6pm: Los Cripis, Fungi Girls, and J Nasty at Willimantic Records

LOS CRIPIS on tour from Buenos Aires, Argentina

FUNGI GIRLS from Cleburne, Texas

Jnasty from POSTURE & THE GRIZZLY will play a rare solo set.

June 18 thru June 21, 2015

Thursday, June 18 thru Sunday, June 21, 2015: 30% off 

the marked price on all used vinyl at Willimantic Records.

---------------------  -------------------- --------------------

Don't forget Sunday, June 21st will be the last chance to view 
Jason Borga's art exhibition at Willimantic Records. Stop by at 3pm 
to take in Jason's art while listening to live performances by Cerise Monclair and Dogs of Moscow.

Jason Borga has been creating art and music in the Willimantic 
area for the past four years. The selection of pieces exhibited 
here explore themes of iconography in personal spirituality 
and the contrasts between natural and artificial systems.

Exhibition of Jason Borga's fascinating artwork at Willimantic Records extended until June 21, 2015.

Stop by anytime during normally scheduled store hours.

Wednesday: 12 to 7pm
Thursday: 12 to 7pm
Friday: 12 to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 12 to 5pm
Monday & Tuesday: closed

Saturday, April 25th: Kath Bloom Record Release Show with Hanging Hills and Bop Tweedie

Kath Bloom - new LP released by Charter Music 

Hanging Hills - catch 'em before they move to Philadelphia

Bop Tweedie - member of 23 HELLO back in the Populous Pudding days

Kath Bloom has been rediscovered a few times already. People keep finding out about her arresting work. But the Connecticut-based singer/songwriter is still perhaps awaiting a little more of the attention and adulation that she receives overseas in places like England and Japan.

Bloom, 62, began making music in the '70s. She first got a taste of being rediscovered when her song 'Come Here' was used in the soundtrack of Richard Linklater's 1995 movie 'Before Sunrise.' That was 20 years ago. And then there was a high-octane 2009 tribute album, 'Loving Takes This Course,' featuring big names in the world of folk-tinged indie rock, with formidable artists like Bill Callahan, the Dodos, Devendra Banhart and Mark Kozelek contributing covers of Bloom's material. -,0,4862089.story

April 18th - Huge sale along with live Music at Willimantic Records on RSD 2015

Willimantic Records will be open 10am to 7pm on Record Store Day 2015 - Saturday, April 18th. Stop in and save money on used and new music.

20% off used vinyl and CDs.

10% off new vinyl and CDs.

Live music should start sometime around noon.

Band order still to be determined.


A few more to be announced once confirmed.

Willimantic Records will have just a handful of RSD titles this year. If you are excited about picking up Record Store Day limited releases, your best bet may be to try Records The Good Kind, Redscroll Records, or The Telegraph before heading this way to catch the live music.

April 13th at Willimantic Records: The GOTOBEDS, CONDITION, The AMPHIBIOUS MAN

"as confident and filler-free a debut rock album as you're gonna hear in these sad, sloppy times." -Gerard Cosloy/12XU Records 

"this is sick!" - Dan Katz 

"grimey slimey garage pop"

Normally closed on Mondays, Willimantic Records will open at 5pm on Monday, April 13th for what is sure to be a memorable evening.

The February 21st show has been Postponed! - New date to be announced soon.

The Medication, Stefan Christensen, Pieces of Fruit show originally scheduled for Saturday, Feb 21st has been postponed. The new date will be announced soon. Sorry about the late notice. Please share this info with anyone who may have been planning on attending. Thanks.

STEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Estrogen Highs singer/guitarist playing solo.

MEDICATION - Mikey Hyde's garage rock ensemble with Kryssi from Cologuard.

PIECES OF FRUIT - Jules has a new band with Tim (Worn Leather) and Dan (Spit-Take). 
Been hearing they're great.

Music starts at 6pm.

Friday, February 20th from 6pm to 9pm: Closing party for "Chaos and Joy in Willimantic" group art show.

Presented by Vulturetown Arts, and organized by Chad & Roxanne, this multi-media group art exhibition has been on display at Willimantic Records since December 13, 2014.
The February 20th closing party will feature live performances by Becky Kessler,
Greyglitch, Izikhotane,  and The Shrinnirs.

Participating artists have been: Nancy Olivia Hoffman, Desmond Von Bora, Kacee O'Brien, Devon Lawless, Sky Thompson, Paul Flaherty, Shane Tea French, Robin Ritz, George Hakkila, Donna Nicolino, Dawn Cook, S.L. Johnson, Samantha McGiver, Jim Szarkowicz, Christina Hammon, Joshua Burkett, Mariclare Cole, Amanda Dawn, Jason Borga, Kenneth Saintonge, Nick Scavetta, Roxanne Pandolfi, and Josh Young


Becky Kessler sings and plays guitar in the band VIOLENT MAE
She'll be here solo on the 20th.

Izikhotane is the Avant-Garde in the age of Auto-Correct. Izikhotane is Absurd, Psychedelic, Experimental. Izikhotane is Poetry, Music, Performance Art. 

Greyglitch is circuit bending, Lo-fi, High weirdness from Lebanon, CT.

The Shrinnirs have been playing off and on (mostly off) under a variety of band names 
since the mid-1980s.

Saturday, February 14th: Third Anniversary Party - Live Music 11am to 6pm

Downtown Willimantic is where you'll want to be on Saturday, February 14th. The Willimantic Food Co-op celebrates its 35th birthday with 35 cakes and music all day, there are several events throughout the day in conjunction with Romantic Willimantic's Annual Chocolate Festival, Vulturetown Arts has an evening of music planned at The Annex; and Willimantic Records marks three years of music, art, films, and freight trains.

To celebrate there will be live music here in the record shop from 11am until about 6pm with delicious vegan chocolate treats courtesy of Not Only Juice.

Condition - members of COP

dave Go and the Guy From Beastmaster

Jorge Verde -

Meteorological Society

Artists are listed in alphabetical order. Check the Facebook event page for the latest guess on set times. 


ONE HUNDRED YEAR OCEAN (or some form of) -

Show starts at 6pm. Donations to bands encouraged.

Friday, January 23, 2015: TARP followed by the FLAHERTY/CORSANO DUO

"While buckleheaded fascists continue to try and stop the progressive roiling of the essential ecstatic impulse that lurks in us all, Flaherty and Corsano negate their every thrust w/ gorgeous parries of sheer emotional intellect." - Byron Coley 

Music starts at 1:08 mark.

Paul Flaherty - sax 

Chris Corsano - drums

Music starts right at 7:30pm.

Donations to the musicians are very much encouraged.

Saturday, January 10th at 2pm: Mal Devisa, Wydyde, Connor Dotay, and Baseball Camp Nurse

A free show with donations to the musicians encouraged.

Mal Devisa gave a memorable performance here last year. You don't want to miss her return to Willimantic Records.

Wydyde is a singer and a songwriter and Mal Devisa's ride down from Massachusetts. 

Connor Dotay hails from "the safest town in Connecticut."

Baseball Camp Nurse wears a cape and a guitar.