Saturday, April 25th: Kath Bloom Record Release Show with Hanging Hills and Bop Tweedie

Kath Bloom - new LP released by Charter Music 

Hanging Hills - catch 'em before they move to Philadelphia

Bop Tweedie - member of 23 HELLO back in the Populous Pudding days

Kath Bloom has been rediscovered a few times already. People keep finding out about her arresting work. But the Connecticut-based singer/songwriter is still perhaps awaiting a little more of the attention and adulation that she receives overseas in places like England and Japan.

Bloom, 62, began making music in the '70s. She first got a taste of being rediscovered when her song 'Come Here' was used in the soundtrack of Richard Linklater's 1995 movie 'Before Sunrise.' That was 20 years ago. And then there was a high-octane 2009 tribute album, 'Loving Takes This Course,' featuring big names in the world of folk-tinged indie rock, with formidable artists like Bill Callahan, the Dodos, Devendra Banhart and Mark Kozelek contributing covers of Bloom's material. -,0,4862089.story