7pm Friday, August 21st at Willimantic Records: URSULA (Canada), CHEAP WIG (Canada), CERISE MONTCLAIR (Willimantic)

Montreal based URSULA and CHEAP WIG visit Willimantic Friday night. Does anyone have a bass amp they wouldn't mind lending for the show?

Locals CERISE MONTCLAIR are loaning guitar amps & drums, but they don’t have a bass amp or bass player.

Ursula:  "post-dontlookatme post-punk what ever" from Montreal https://ursulamtl.bandcamp.com/releases

Cheap Wig: “hyperreal, feminist postbrowave, post spunk, postpost, queerglam, vomatrocious” from Montreal https://cheapwig.bandcamp.com/

Cerise Montclair: Jason Borga’s new project

Two Shows Sunday, August 30th at Willimantic Records

Sunday, August 30th at Willimantic Records



The Mountain Movers will play a Sunday afternoon set at Willimantic Records as part of an ongoing series of record release gigs. Stop in and pick up a copy of their outstanding new "Death Magic" LP on Safety Meeting Records. George Hakkila (a.k.a. Ham Steak) will open the show. Music starts at 2pm.


Rats Mouth, from Boca Raton, Florida; visit Willimantic for a show with their old friends Dr. Martino, and Connor Dotay's So Sorry. Music starts at 7pm.

The meaning of the name Boca Raton has always aroused curiosity. Many people wrongly assume the name is simply Rat's Mouth. The Spanish word boca, or mouth, often describes an inlet, while raton means literally, mouse. The term Boca de Ratones or Boca Ratones, was a navigational referring to a rocky or jagged inlet, but the original location of Boca de Ratones was Biscayne Bay near present day Miami Beach, according to eighteenth century maps. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the term was mistakenly applied to the current Lake Boca Raton, whose inlet was closed throughout most of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The "s" and later the "e" were dropped from this title by the 1920s, yet the correct pronunciation remains Rah-tone.  - bocahistory.org