20% off all used vinyl records, used cassette tapes, and used compact discs - December 18th thru December 24, 2016

Save 20% off of the marked price on all used CDs, used cassettes, and used records now thru December 24, 2016.

Special hours this week:
Sunday, December 18th - 12pm to 5pm
Monday, December 19th - 12pm to 9pm
Tuesday, December 20th - 12pm to 7pm
Wednesday, December 21st - 12pm to 7pm
Thursday, December 22nd - 10am to 8pm
Friday, December 23rd - 10am to 7pm
Saturday, December 24th - 10am to 6pm
Sunday, December 25th - closed

Monday, December 19th: Posture & the Grizzly/Perennial/So Sorry/Ourselves, Alone

Thanks to Chelsey for putting this together.

Posture & The Grizzly
Willimantic punk FFO Blink 182

Perennial !!! ON TOUR !!!
Western Mass/ CT Garage Punk FFO The Nation of Ulysses

So Sorry
Willimantic Prog Alt Rock FFO Rival Schools

Ourselves, Alone
New Haven Math Rock FFO Giraffes? Giraffes!

Normally closed on Mondays, Willimantic Records will open at 12pm on Monday, December 19th. Music starts at 6:30.

The Gene Moore/Thurston Moore/John Moloney show with Paul Flaherty has been postponed - new date T.B.A.

This show has been postponed until springtime. Details on the new date to be announced once confirmed.

Postponed: THE MOUNTAIN MOVERS, ROB NOYES, and ALEXANDER will be rescheduled. New date T.B.A. soon.

Sorry - this show has been postponed to a date still to be determined. More info coming soon.

Saturday, December 17th, Poon Village Records recording artist ROB NOYES comes to Willimantic to celebrate the release of his debut LP The Feudal Spirit
THE MOUNTAIN MOVERS and ALEXANDER will be here as well.

Music starts at 6pm. 

Willimantic Records    
744 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
parking and store entrance are around back on Riverside Drive by the railroad tracks 

SUSAN ALCORN & BECKY KESSLER - Saturday, November 19th. Music starts at 2pm.


Saturday, November 19th 

Music starts at 2pm

Alcorn is a Texas native who plays the pedal steel guitar. The journey from playing country and bluegrass and straight jazz to her mature style has aided by advice from Muddy Waters and Paul Bley. The wide-open ears, keen intellect, emotional sensitivity and rigorously-honed skill as a player that she has developed has brought her into collaborations with Pauline Oliveros, Peter Kowald, Eugene Chadbourne and Jandek among many others. But it’s her solo work as a composer, improviser and interpreter of songs, which are more aching sequences and clusters of crystaline sounds than tunes, that always blows me away.
With clarity and precision and a gift for invoking sweeping landscapes, Alcorn is able to perform arrangements of Curtis Mayfield or Olivier Messiaen highlighting both their structural and spiritual aspects simultaneously and then attacking the strings zen-slap-loud or hovering stained-glass mobiles of sound-clouds. Dreamy stuff, full of emotion and one of the more Universalist twists on Americana. - Ian Nagoski


But oh, that voice: Ms Kessler’s croon is one of the very finest instruments swirling around Connecticut and any other state within a stone’s launch, sounding at times Bessie Smith, at other times Jeff Buckley, at all times with melancholy ache. 
- Christopher Aloysius Mariotti

Becky Kessler, the virtual unknown. A Dixie-bred, Connecticut transplant, with the serious guitar chops and the downright deadly voice...  blend of angular rock cut with ethereal moodiness was immediately equal parts stunning and gorgeous - Chip McCabe

A free show with donations to these amazing musicians very much welcomed and encouraged. 

Willimantic Records
744 Main Street
Willimantic, U.S.A.
(shop entrance and motor vehicle parking around back on Riverside Drive)

Tuesday, November 15th: Closing party for the "A Tiling By Squares - Art On Small Places" community art show

Before Vulturetown Arts takes down the "A Tiling By Squares - Art On Small Places" exhibition, we're throwing a closing party and adding even more panels of sticky note art. Of course everyone is encouraged to continue to slap their sticky note creations to the walls while here to view their neighbors post-it note masterpieces.

Music to be provided by:
QUIN GALAVIS - from Austin, Texas: "equal parts Bob Mould and Edgar Allen Poe"


SNCKPCK - from Fort Worth, Texas

Normally only open Wednesday thru Sunday, Willimantic Records will open at 6pm on Tuesday, November 15th.

Music starts at 7pm.

Saturday, October 22nd: COVELLINE (Buffalo, NY), GEORGE "Effin' Magic" HAKKILA, THE SPITCOCKS, and TEEN DESTROYER

George "Effin Magic" Hakkila - https://youtu.be/9jQ9v3Cv1PA

Thanks to John from TEEN DESTROYER for the flyer.

An all-ages show. No admission charge but donations to the musicians are encouraged.

Afterwards don't forget to check out the Mill Museum's Nightmare on Main: The Horror of Confinement  and Zoo Front's 25th Anniversary Celebration.


glitter bug (nh)
"lovesick lofi piano pop jammers"

perennial (ct)
"new england art punks that will light a fire 'neath yr feet"

empty grows every bed (wmass)
"western mass noodle-y punk"

Thursday, October 6th: The New & Very Welcome, Tomato Face, The Alternates Duo

The New & Very Welcome (CT) "Your favorite emo banter!"

Tomato Face (PA) "Vitamin C punk rock!"


The Alternates Duo (CT) "Garage rock for the ages!"

Thanks to Chelsey for putting this show together!

September 6th: LUNG (cello & drum set duo from Cincinnati, OH), CONNOR DOTAY, and SENTIMENTS at Willimantic Records

LUNG - cello & drum set duo passing thru on tour from the Queen City. Come up with a good description and they "will pay you mad cash." https://youtu.be/j5A89u5Gw3k

CONNOR DOTAY - SO SORRY lead singer/guitarist/apologist from Columbia, Connecticut

SENTIMENTS (a.k.a. DEFT HAND) - from Manchester, a "horrible town" according to nine-year-old boy on local Fox tv affiliate.

A free all-ages show with donations to the musicians encouraged.

Normally closed on Tuesdays, Willimantic Records will open up at 5pm on Tuesday, September 6th. 

Music will start at 7pm.

"A Tiling By Square - Art in Small Places" presented by Vulturetown Arts

Vulturetown Arts plans to cover every square inch of wall space at Willimantic Records with post-it note artwork. To take part, just drop your post-it note art into the box here in the record shop or at The Willimantic Food Co-op during your next grocery run. 

The opening reception is scheduled for 6pm to 9pm on Thursday, September 1st. Music will be provided by Cerise Montclair, JBrish and Boy Crazy..

Brute Force at Willimantic Records Sunday, August 28th with Daughter of Force and Bill Dougal

At 2pm on Sunday, local songwriter & caricaturist Bill Dougal will play songs from his days leading pun-rockers Billy & the Buttons along with a few of his newer tunes. Bill will also screen a preview of the upcoming Billy & the Buttons documentary.

Brute Force, accompanied by Daughter of Force, will follow with a career spanning set of Brute Force  compositions. Best known for his controversial "The King of Fuh" single on The Beatles' Apple Records label, Brute Force (a.k.a. comedian Stephen Friedland) has written thousands of songs, many of which were recorded by The Chiffons, Del Shannon,  The Cyrkle, The Tokens, Bernadette Peters, Little Peggy March, Chubby Checker, Tammy St. John, and dozens of other artists in the 1960s. Brute's two solo LPs, Confections of Love (1967) and Extemporaneous (1971), are both highly sought after by diehard collectors of psychedelic pop novelty vinyl artifacts. 

Below is a bit more about "The King of Fuh" as well as a few youtube links. There will be no admission charge for the Willimantic Records show, but donations to the musicians will be welcomed and encouraged.


Here's the story: 41 years ago in New York City, George Harrison fell in love with an unreleased song called "The King of Fuh" by Brute Force, and decided to turn it into a hit record. So he went home to England, added strings from the London Philharmonic, and pressed it on The Beatles' own label Apple Records--only to discover that there were some things even a Beatle couldn't do. After Capitol/EMI refused to release or distribute the droll ballad with its controversial chorus ("I said the Fuh King -- he went to wherever he wanted to go / Mighty, mighty Fuh King / All hail the Fuh King"), The Beatles privately pressed 2000 copies for their friends, which made "King of Fuh" the rarest Apple record of them all. - brutesforce.com

"The King of Fuh" by Brute Force

The Chiffons - "Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)" written by Brute Force

Brute Force on Zacherle's "Disc-O-Teen" show (1967) 

NOVEMBER PARTY, alexander, MONSSOONNSS, electric dawn - August 25th at Willimantic Records

alexander - C/Site recording artist David Alexander Shapiro from Lituya Bay, Nagual, and Headroom. 

ELECTRIC DAWN - Dawn Cook from The Shrinnirs/Bimbo Shrineheads. 

MONSSOONNS - the guys from PREACHER are now sound sorta like FLIPPER and are known as Monssoonns.

NOVEMBER PARTY - New England goth veterans Dorian James, Mike Rebeiro, and Peter N. 

Music starts at 7pm.

Allysen Calley, Paul Flaherty, and Tarp - Sunday, August 14th

Allysen Callery - https://youtu.be/S3gGLlmm01Y

Flyer by Joshua Burkett

2pm Sunday, August 14th at Willimantic Records.

July 21st: Patrick Yeo, Perennial, Zanders, The New & Very Welcome, Who Loves You

Flyer by Ethan Grenier.
Thanks to Jessica for putting this show together and doing it here at Willimantic Records.






No admission charge but donations to the bands are welcomed and encouraged. This show happens to coincide with Willimantic's 3rd Thursday Street Fest, which means tons of food and entertainent to check out between bands up on Main Street.

Meteorological Society, Gun Shy, Parlay Droner, Spit-Take, Forget The Times - July 13th at Willimantic Records

FORGET THE TIMES (Kalamazoo, MI): "Forget The Times started in 2010 as a free improv collective from led by Sean Hartman. The band combines elements of psych, drone, noise rock, avant garde, post rock and free jazz. The band has since solidified around a core group of members and performs regularly in the Kalamazoo area. In addition they have been performing live scores to silent films in partnership with the Alamo Drafthouse." - https://www.facebook.com/forgetthetimes/timeline

SPIT-TAKE (New Haven, CT) - "Although Superchunk hasn’t abdicated its throne as the gold standard for punk-spirited indie-rock, Connecticut’s Spit-Take would make a worthy successor. The New Haven trio has sharpened its focus over the years, and on its second record the band is dealing in a genre of its very own, jokingly dubbed Frog Rock. The A.V. Club is streaming all of the album, which is available now through Ice Age Records, below. Frog Rock sees the band at the peak of its powers as Spit-Take mines moody melodies to great effect, twisting them into the kind of agitated-yet-thoughtful rockers that would make Mac McCaughan proud. " - http://www.avclub.com/article/spit-take-makes-joke-genre-descriptors-its-new-alb-237631

PARLAY DRONER: "ghost dreams; ink flecked hands and labored hearing. Who I am is not where I get my thumb scanned, though I identify as caretaker of broken children. Unanimously ominous anonymity, undermined by insomnia and the past; a vessel vested sans sails and maps, unmanned with defective mast." - http://parlaydroner.bandcamp.com/album/this-was-a-man

GUN SHY (New Haven, CT) - Andrea from PROCEDURE CLUB & Wes from ESTROGEN HIGHS have a new band called GUN SHY. Don't miss their Willimantic Records debut!

METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY: "The advancement of science depends on investigators having the freedom to carry out research objectively and without the fear of threats or intimidation whether or not their results are expedient or popular."

Music starts at 6pm.

John Bent art exhibit closing get together with music provided by CERISE MONTCLAIR & DR. MARTINO

Dr. Martino and Cerise Montclair at Willimantic records! Come by and get a copy of the recently released Calligrams (featuring Dr. Martino). John Bent's artwork comes down off the walls afterward, don't miss this chance to view his fantastic paintings.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Music starts at 7pm.


LAMB BOMBS - "Misinformed Art-Punk" from "where the river meets the sound" https://myspace.com/lambbombs

GROUND WATER MAFIA - from Nashville, Tennessee. "2 piece DIY noise punk/sludge band with elements of blues/jazz/improv and a lot of stage presence"

MONSOONS (just added) - "CT weird electro-punk metal jazz avant garde pop" https://www.facebook.com/monsoons66666/timeline

Rest Ashore was origianlly scheduled to play, but won't be able to make it on June 4th.

Sale extended thru Sunday, April 24, 2016: Save 20% off the regularly marked price on all used vinyl records.

Willimantic Records Hours:
Wednesday: 12 to 7pm
Thursday: 12 to 7pm
Friday: 12 to 7pm
Saturday: 11am to 6pm
Sunday: 12 to 5pm
Monday & Tuesday: closed

20% off used vinyl records Saturday & Sunday, April 16th & 17th 2016

20% off the marked price on all used vinyl records Saturday, April 16th and Sunday April, 17th. Live music in the shop on both days.

Live music (tentative) schedule:
Saturday around 12pm - Midwife Crisis
Saturday 1pm - Spectral Fangs
Saturday 2pm - The Great Depression
Saturday 3pm - Shirese
Sunday 4pm - Electric Dawn
Sunday 4:30pm - Montana Big Boys
Sunday 5:15pm - Kate Lee
Sunday 6:00pm - Bunwinkies

Willimantic Records will have a very small selection of RSD releases. For those on the hunt for particular RSD titles, it's probably a good idea to stop in at Records The Good Kind and/or Telegraph and/or Redscroll before heading to Willimantic Records.

Closing party for Joshua Burkett/Shannon Ketch art exhibition Sunday, April 17th.

The paintings Joshua Burkett and Shannon Ketch collaborated on are coming down on Sunday and they've invited a bunch of their friends to come over and play music.


KATE LEE (from Gracious Calamity)


ELECTRIC DAWN (from Shrinnirs)

Music starts at 3pm.


Spectral Fangs, Due East, Midwife Crisis. Shirese, and The Great Depression here on Record Store Day 2016

There won't be much here in terms of limited edition RSD releases, but there will be tons of great used LPs to flip thru and live music all afternoon.


DUE EAST (Albany, NY)





Thanks to Chad for letting me turn his receipt book doodle into a flyer.


6pm Saturday, April 2nd at Willimantic Records:

(ex-Lion Cub)

(ex-Road Worrier)

(ex-Patch Kit)

(ex-The New & Very Welcome)

Admission is free, but donations to the bands are encouraged.

Wednesday, March 23rd at Willimantic Records: BIRTH OF FLOWER, REDUCTION PLAN, CROSS COUNTRY, and STUFFED UP

Birth of Flower - "weirdo-rock gods of Connecticut"

Reduction Plan - "groovy goth-y jams"

Cross Country - "noodly punk tunes. on tour from Ohio!!"

Stuffed Up - "rough around the edges pop punk feat. members of spit-take"

Thanks to Reduction Plan Dan for putting this together and Ethan for the gig flyer.

Music starts at 7pm 

Willimantic Records 4th anniversary show Saturday, February 13th: BECKY KESSLER (Violent Mae solo) 3pm, LANDING 4pm, MAJOR STARS 5pm, MOUNTAIN MOVERS 6pm

MAJOR STARS: Back 25 years or so, Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar operated the Twisted Village record label and recording studio out of a kitty cat packed little trailer home just outside of town on Route 14. Psych and garage rock record collectors in scattered, far-off parts of the world were on the prowl for Twisted Village releases, but locals took little to no notice while Wayne & Kate's band Crystalized Movements put out some of the best rock music ever recorded in Connecticut (or pretty much anywhere). Wayne & Kate moved to the Boston area in 1992, formed the band Magic Hour with Damon & Naomi from Galaxie 500, and later the  Major Stars. Currently the Major Stars are Wayne & Kate (guitars), Tom Leonard (guitar), Dave Dougan (bass), Casey Keenan (drums), and Hayley Thompson-King (vocals). Please don't miss this opportunity to see the critically acclaimed Major Stars right here in Willimantic.

BECKY KESSLER (solo) - "Becky Kessler, singer and guitarist for the Connecticut duo Violent Mae—Floyd Kellogg plays the other instruments—has a voice deserving of your undivided attention. Like a more excitable version of The Mynabirds' Laura Burhenn, with hints of Dusty Springfield's soul and Bjork's lunacy, she projects a brooding unease that implies looming storms of emotion, edging ever closer to a full-fledged outburst, yet never losing control. From the bluesy slow-burn of 'IOU,' where she proclaims herself a 'bad actress,' to the thrilling jitters of 'In the Sun,' to the footstomping 'Murdered Bird,' the twosome's second album is a sizzling triumph." - Mother Jones

LANDING - "Given the number of times Landing has tweaked and shifted its sound, the Connecticut-based band somehow manages to bring its brand of blissed out space-pop and droning etherealisms into better focus with each release. The band, which recently expanded to a quartet again with the inclusion of full-time drummer/multi-instrumentalist John Miller, now returns with a new, self-released EP, looking back to the layered, droning rock modes of its impeccable Gravitational IV and Brocade LPs. The EP’s title track unfurls its delayed meandering across an entire side of the tape, sprawling and filling every crevice of its 10-minute run in a slow burn of patient epiphanies. Directed by vocalist and guitarist Aaron Snow, the song’s video perpetuates Landing’s homemade vibes, having been recorded during the song’s recording sessions at the band’s home studio. Daron Gardner’s bass churns through air, providing the perfect compliment to Miller’s cymbal ride and Adrienne Snow’s celestial melody and levitating synth chords. It’s both classic and future Landing at the same time, and couldn’t sound better." -Bobby Power, Decoder Magazine

MOUNTAIN MOVERS - "The Mountain Movers make venues theirs completely for the night, filling them to the brim with exquisite, rock-channeling sound that rises up from the floor, reaches out from the walls, and grabs the whole of a human body. The group’s synchronicity is to thank for this: they play as one jamming, rocking, loud-but-not-too-loud organ, delighting with smart instrumentals and even smarter lyrics.  The group’s newest LP, Death Magic, revels in that factor. Beautifully packaged in Greene’s cover art and not without Omonte’s retro sensibilities, it feels both homespun and indulgent (in a good way) before you start to play it (there are also downloads available here if that’s how you roll). The music, recorded in former band member John Miller’s basement, shows why. It’s what the band classifies as deliberately “low-fi,” moving into deliciously unvarnished territory. Songs like 'Before I Get Out of Bed' and 'Nightsong of the Sea' mark a rhapsodic, radical departure from the group’s polished (though equally powerful) Let’s Open Up the Chest (2008), and they are stronger for it.   Turn on. Tune in. But don’t drop out. It seems, in many ways, that this storied group is just getting started on something exciting and new." - New Haven Independent

A free show with donations to the bands welcomed and encouraged. 

Becky Kessler, The Mountain Movers, and Landing have put on amazing shows here in the shop. I'm grateful to have them back and to get Wayne & Kate down here for their first show in Willimantic since Crystalized Movements opened for the Laughing Hyenas at the Populous Pudding in 1989. 

DOWNTOWN BOYS, THE SHRINNIRS, DANGBATS, and REDUCTION PLAN presented by Vulturetown Arts & Willimantic Records at 750 Main

7pm, Friday, February 19th at 750 Main

DOWNTOWN BOYS: Dubbed "America's most exciting punk band" by Rolling Stone, Downtown Boys is a self-described "bilingual political dance sax punk party" from Providence, Rhode Island. They are known for their electric, politically charged performances, which take the audience on a frenzied tour through history, from the slave trade to police brutality today. A Hartford Courant reviewer wrote, quote, "You can make the case and people have that Downtown Boys ... was the sound of punk rock in America in 2015." The reviewer compared their performances to, quote, "anarchic backyard barbecues part political rally, but all danceable, kinetic party; thrash around, if you want, but pay attention." - Amy Goodman host of Democracy Now!

Dangbats (just added to the show!): Dangbats are Lys Guillorn of Lys Guillorn and Her Band (vocals, guitar, banjo, lap steel) and Joe Russo of SPECTRAL FANGS (vocals, guitar, banjo). Their genre? Bat Country, of course. Some of the artists they like are: Louvin Brahs, The Cramps, The Damned, The Carter Family, and Johnny Cash. 
You can see their Tiny Desk Concert submission here.

REDUCTION PLAN: Dan Manning has played Willimantic Records several times as a member of the outstanding UCONN rock bands COP and CONDITION. Towards the end of 2015 he began gigging out with a solo project he calls REDUCTION PLAN, a fantastic mixture of ambient fuzz and dream pop, swirling melodies with unobtrusive hooks layered over a warm hum, created with looped guitars and various electronic gear and gizmos. The first REDUCTION PLAN performance at Willimantic Records was stunning, and the second, somehow, even better. Do not miss REDUCTION PLAN on the 19th at 750 Main. Dan is likely on first, so get there early.
Listen to REDUCTION PLAN here.

THE SHRINNIRS - Willimantic based duo playing on and off (mostly off) since the mid-1980s. Plenty more to read about the Shrinnirs on their tumblr web log here.

The wonderful MAL DEVISA was originally part of this bill. Due to a scheduling conflict, she will not be able to perform in Willimantic on the 19th.

Concert takes place next door to Willimantic Records at 750 Main.

An all-ages show with cash bar for those 21 and over.

Advance tickets available for $7.00 at Willimantic Records (cash only). Tickets also available  online thru Brown Paper Tickets (credit card).

Will-call Brown Paper Tickets should be picked up the evening of the show at Willimantic Records, which is located next door to venue.

Parking is located in the back of the building on Riverside Drive.