The Dazies, Courters, So Sorry, and Dr. Martino - 3pm Sunday, December 10, 25017

Monday, December 4th at Willimantic Records: Frank Hurricane, Aquachigger, SNCKPCK, and Dawn Cook (a.k.a. Electric Dawn!)

Frank Hurricane is a "spiritual mountain"

Aquachigger is Frank Hurricane's and Joshua Burkett's new band.

SNCKPCK is Daniel Alexander. Check out SNCKPCK's art, music & videos here:

Dawn Cook is the Shrinnirs' singer/songwriter/guitarist

Normally closed on Mondays, Willimantic Records will open at 5pm for this Monday evening event.

Decoration, Spit-Take and Boy Blunder: 2pm Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Willimantic Records

Sunday, November 12th: MITTIMUS followed by Gene Moore with Randall Colbourne & Paul Flaherty

Jon Collin (U.K.), Allysen Callery, Frozen Corn, and the return of Baseball Camp Nurse - Wednesday, November 8th

7pm Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at Willimantic Records.

J. Collin - "a bewitching and versatile guitar player: electric, acoustic, improvised, composed, screw-driver-prepared, open-tuned, with slide, with e-bow, or fingerpicking. It's all here. Jon runs the Winebox Press label, home to a reliable stable of artists, freaks and dropouts from the Sheffield/Manchester axis. His new LP, High Peak Selections, complete with a nod to Folkways-style cover art, is out now." -

Allysen Callery - “Winter Island is a record that could proudly sit tall next to Sibylle Baier’s Colour Green and Leonard Cohen’s Songs From A Room. It’s impossibly delicate, gorgeously written, and emanates a timeless quality. Callery’s nylon string guitar playing is beautiful, and her voice is indelibly in service of telling each song’s particular story. It’s refreshing to hear such an unpretentious vocal delivery and such carefully honed lyrics." - Marissa Nadler

Baseball Camp Nurse - held together with duct tape and crazy glue, Icky Recordings artist T.z. Glittzkowski makes his long-awaited return. Tell your mom.

Frozen Corn - Joshua Burkett, Chris Carlton, Anthony Pasquarosa

Thanks to Josh Burkett for the flyer and putting this show together.

November 5th: Howardian, Denzell, Dave Go & Tick Hive, and Bilge Rat

These two. With more reel-to-reel stuff this time and nobody from beastmaster.

2pm Sunday, November 5, 2017 at Willimantic Records.

Xetas and Witch Hair 3pm Sunday, October 29th at Willimantic Records.

XETAS - "Amazing punk rock n roll band from Austin, TX signed to 12XU Records"

WITCH HAIR - "Songs about motorcycle gangs, splits with reality, and people left behind. Droning bass-heavy psychedelia dressed in plaid." 

and maybe a third band - still waiting for confirmation

WECS Radio presents SMUT (OH) and HYPOLUXO (NY) at Willimantic Records

Last minute free show. 

2pm October 11th at Willimantic Records. 

Presented by WECS 90.1 fm.


Spit-Take (CT) - "Frog rock pop punk FFO Superchunk"

Perennial (CT/ MA) - "Post-Hardcore Garage FFO Blood Brothers"

Joy Cleaner (NJ) - "Indie pop FFO Weezer"

Short Month (CT) - "Emo pop FFO The Get Up Kids"
Suggested donation of $5, no-one turned away for lack of funds.

Short Month kicking the afternoon off at 3pm!!!

Chaos & Joy in Willimantic - This Year Outside on Riverside Drive

Vulturetown Arts, Willimantic Records & The Bench Shop present a music and art-centric block party featuring performers outdoors and inside Willimantic Records, along with vendors & food trucks. This Saturday, Sept. 9 from 3 - 8 pm, Riverside Drive (under the footbridge, behind Willimantic Records), Willimantic, Connecticut.

Live Music Schedule (outside):
"Avant-Twang / Clinical Blues / Wonky Tonk / Psych Folk"

"Artist, Musician, Author, Motivational Speaker," and  Veganaise label designer!

"Amy Shaw and guitar solos galore"

6pm RYXNO (pronounced: rīnō)
"R-Y-X-N-O, R-Y-X-N-O, R-Y-X-N-O, and RYXNO  is their name-o"

"XTC, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and Brian Wilson have a hole puncher fight in zero-G."

In between the outdoor music sets Greyglitch, Tom Crean meets Ernest Brute, Obliquity of the Ecliptic, and George "Effin' Magic" Hakkila will provide indoor entertainment for shoppers and browsers at Willimantic Records.

Vulturetown Arts is a creative group of Willimantic residents working towards providing a permanent venue for music, film, visual and performing arts. Our goal is to entertain and inspire, and to promote a creative community. For more info:

August 16th: Jack Wright (sax), Patrick Crossland (trombone), Damon Smith (double bass), Mike Yarrish (double bass), and Phil Mazza (guitar) at Willimantic Records.

Jack Wright,  Patrick Crossland and Damon Smith will play as a  saxophones/trombone/double bass trio at 7pm. 

The quintet of Jack(sax), Patrick(trombone), Damon(double bass), Mike Yarrish (double bass) and Phil Mazza (guitar) will follow shortly after.

Donations to these traveling musicians will be appreciated.

Described twenty-five years ago as an "undergrounder by design," Jack Wright is a veteran saxophone improviser based mainly in Philadelphia but living in Easton PA. In 1979, after an academic career teaching at Temple University (European History) and activist politics, he returned to the instrument of his youth. Almost immediately he discovered free improvisation, which was virtually unknown at the time; he is one of the few who have played this exclusively since then. He plays mostly on tour through the US and Europe in search of interesting partners and playing situations. Now at 74 he is still the "Johnny Appleseed of Free Improvisation," as guitarist Davey Williams called him back in the 80s, continuing to inspire musicians, playing and organizing sessions and gigs with visiting and resident players old and new. His Spring Garden Music House has been around since 1977, for the past twelve years housing only improvisers and providing space for playing.
       He has been able to avoid the standard career aimed at visibility and prestige, seeing it as a musical hindrance. The partners he's preferred over the years have also been mostly unknown to the music press, and too numerous to list here. His current focus is with the growing underground scene, of whom he finds the most promising are Zach Darrup, guitar, Jim Strong, invented instruments, Ben Bennett, percussion, Matt Tomlinson, bass guitar, and Joel Kromer, electronics.
       Jack is "a musician's musician" yet unschooled in music, gaining ideas from interacting with partners and his specialized discipline. He's said to have the widest vocabulary of any, an expert at leaping pitches, punchy, precise timing, the entire range of volume, intrusive and sculptured multiphonics, vocalizations, and obscene animalistic sounds. You'll hear the most conventional jazz sound one minute and "post-electronic saxophone" the next. His playing sums up his 38 years of improvising, from wild, unstoppable free jazz at first to very reduced, quiet playing around 2000. In the past ten years he's come back to more physically engaged playing, but with a phrasing and space unique among sax players.
        In Jan. 2017 he had a book published, The Free Musics, which is becoming very popular among improvisers. He has been writing since the 80s, seeking to comprehend not just the beauty of this unsettling music but its implications for the music world and the social order. Consistently promoting free playing as the ground zero of music, he has been open to playing with anyone who asks.
       A reviewer for the Washington Post said, "In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation, saxophonist Jack Wright is king."

July 22nd: Lady Bizness, Basic Bitches, Lamb Bombs, Sarah Rose, Margene Without Borders

Music starts at 2pm on Saturday, July 22nd at Willimantic Records.

LADY BIZNESS - "Feminist mermaid mafia. Underwater thrash-punk-surf-core madness dredged from the muddy shores of the East River."

BASIC BITCHES - "Just another rock and roll band from Brooklyn"

LAMB BOMBS - "Connecticut's post-punk orphans."

SARAH ROSE - rad singer/songwriter from Hartford

MARGENE WITHOUT BORDERS - ukulele, drums & vocals all performed at once by Margene Without Borders

Sunday, July 16th: Dr. Martino, Lea, The Foresters, and Spectral Fangs

release celebration 

Free Show!

Everyone is Welcome!

3:30 pm Sunday,
July 16th

Willimantic Records
744 Main St
Willimantic, U.S.A.
(entrance around back)