Saturday afternoon poetry presented by the Anti-division League

at Willimantic Records
January 28, 2017

Free Admission              Starts at 2pm

Several Hartford area wordsmiths, along with a few Thread City heroes, will share their poetry with any soul fortunate enough to wander within earshot.
So please do wander by.

 Presented by the Anti-division League
Based in Hartford, CT, the Anti-Division League (AdL) is a culturally diverse group of artists dedicated to promoting social justice and addressing inequality through community bridging arts events. The AdL moves to create a platform 
for the disenfranchised. Though we are all different, 
together we will make a difference.

As we see it, our overall goal is to change the culture in which we live; to extend the possibilities of diversity and inclusion by moving them from trending topics of discussion, to the norm of human interaction. These ideas will be so central to our mindset that acting with compassion towards those who are “different” from us becomes inherent as opposed to something rare or forced. We know that when we as humans communicate empathically, we face the undeniable truth that we are all integrally connected and that what affects one affects us all