The Dazies, Courters, So Sorry, and Dr. Martino - 3pm Sunday, December 10, 25017

Monday, December 4th at Willimantic Records: Frank Hurricane, Aquachigger, SNCKPCK, and Dawn Cook (a.k.a. Electric Dawn!)

Frank Hurricane is a "spiritual mountain"

Aquachigger is Frank Hurricane's and Joshua Burkett's new band.

SNCKPCK is Daniel Alexander. Check out SNCKPCK's art, music & videos here:

Dawn Cook is the Shrinnirs' singer/songwriter/guitarist

Normally closed on Mondays, Willimantic Records will open at 5pm for this Monday evening event.

Decoration, Spit-Take and Boy Blunder: 2pm Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Willimantic Records