LANDING (Adrienne & Aaron duo version!), Courtney Michelle & Connor Dotay, and the Shrinnirs

It's a last minute rent party show!

All used vinyl, used CDS, and used cassettes will be 30% off!

Shop opens at noon. Music starts sometime around 7pm.

LANDING - a special duo version of Landing (Aaron & Adrienne)
Check out LANDING's beautiful new album here:

Courtney Michelle & Connor Dotay (that's Connor from SO SORRY)

THE SHRINNIRS - featuring Dawn Cook

A huge thanks to Aaron, Adrienne, Dawn, Connor and Courtney for helping me out!

Free Film Screening June 13th: "TWO-LANE BLACKTOP"

SALE at Willimantic Records June 8, 2018 thru June 14, 2018

30% off the marked price on all used vinyl records, all used compact discs, and all used music cassettes at Willimantic Records. 

Germ House, Procedure Club & Zero Years - 5pm Sunday, June 10th at Willimantic Records

7pm Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - free film screening hosted by Jesse Bakke

Willimantic Records is hosting its first film series. We're starting off with three films set on the road, the first of which will screen at 7pm on May 9th. Please bring your own snacks and join us in watching the thriller "The Wages of Fear" (1953), directed by Henri Georges-Cluzot. There will be a short introduction by local film enthusiast, and regular customer to the store, Jesse Bakke. 

Admission is free!